Emotional Self-care Cheat Sheet

Emotional Self-care: Your means of personal emotional support.

Anything you do that helps you process your feelings and analyze how your heart is doing is considered emotional self-care. In other words, take a deep breath, evaluate how you’re feeling, and then choose the form(s) of emotional self-care that would be most beneficial to you and your current circumstances. If you love baking, take a page from the musical Waitress and pour your heart into a pie. It’s perfectly normal to utilize your creative side when working through life’s challenges. It’s just important to remember that there are five other types of self-care you can be putting to good use as well. Pie can solve a lot of things but it doesn’t solve everything.







~Eating chocolate





~Playing music

~Positive self-talk

~Setting boundaries



Feel free to share any of your own emotional self-care ideas in the comments below!

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