Mental Self-care Cheat Sheet

Mental Self-care: Anything that gently awakens your brain.

Mental self-care is break time for your busy brain. We talked about how practical self-care can involve organizing your living space so that there’s not chaos on the outside to influence the inside. Mental self-care is all about decluttering the mind. Wether you’re living in a state of routine or not, it’s so important to take breaks for the things you’re passionate about. That fuel can carry you through the mundane and inevitably stressful moments. I’m a procrastinator. My parents are procrastinators (sorry, mom & dad). It’s in my genes. I can’t stop it but I can limit it. This is going to sound fluffy, and dumb, and completely made up, but I have taken to scheduling my procrastination. What I mean is, when I notice I’m off track (mindlessly scrolling, magically halfway through a tv show I just started that day, or obsessing over something that does not need to be prioritized in that moment), I don’t reprimand myself or make myself stop. I do, however, acknowledge that I’ve gone off the rails, set a five-ten minute timer/finish my episode, and promise myself to be productive when that timer runs out. If you’re more spear-headed than I am and typically move through your day checking off your to-do list as you go, then, a. I envy you and b. I think it would be a great option to schedule yourself a brain break. Throw in a half an hour of Candy Crush or set up a game night with your friends or your family. Mental self-care can be key to preventing burnout.

~Board games


~Finishing a puzzle

~Going to a museum/art show

~Learning a language

~Listening to music


~Taking a fun class

~Taking a technology break

~Watching a documentary

Feel free to share your own mental self-care ideas in the comments below!

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