Physical Self-care Cheat Sheet

Physical Self-care: Any activity that aids in strengthening your body, your mind, and your soul through healthy choices.

Physical Self-care is the fairly self-explanatory one of the six but I do want to harp on it’s importance for a bit and clarify some things. The most important point that I want to drive home is that your appearance is not a reflection of your physical self-care. I could have a flawlessly toned figure, or a glowing tan, or look like I stepped out of a magazine, and that still would not mean I’ve been practicing physical self-care. On the other hand, I could have some underarm dingle dangle going on or look like I just stepped out of a tornado, and it’s 100% possible that I have been practicing some physical self-care. That’s the thing about self-care. Even the parts that are appearance related are there for your own self-improvement and personal reception. I know plenty of people who don’t watch their diet or exercise in the slightest and still maintain a size 4. I also know people who workout 3 to 6 days a week, only drink water, and have the sexiest, cleanest arteries known to man, and are all various sizes. Guess what? They’re all adding quality to their lives because they take care of themselves physically. We all want to feel our best and, just like working out, self-care acts aren’t a one and done situation. They are habits that you build to improve your quality of life. I can’t guarantee you’ll live forever by taking great physical care of yourself but I can assure you that, for myself, a life where I feel better on the inside has improved how I feel and exist on the out.

~A good night’s sleep

~Bike riding


~Getting a haircut/massage/pedicure

~Going to the doctor regularly

~Healthy eating habits (this won’t be the same for everyone)



~Moderating caffeine intake



~Spa day


There is also a “don’t” side to physical self-care. Quick fix diet schemes can be dangerous to your health and I will never endorse them. Always do your research and don’t be afraid to consult a physician before. Just because the detox shake worked for your friend Becky, doesn’t mean Becky isn’t growing a third arm a year from now. All that being said, feel free to share your own physical self-care ideas in the comments below!

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