Practical Self-care Cheat Sheet

Practical self-care: Fighting your depression procrastination.

Practical self-care is mainly about intentional living. I can social-media-scroll the hours away with the best of them, which is also why I cannot get to the bank in time to make a deposit before it closes, which is also why I will be in a panic the next day begging the bank teller to reverse my overdraft fee. Practical self-care is about scheduling yourself to ward off that next day panic. It is a means of controlling your wallet, your grades, your job, your home, etc, by not adding unnecessary and, quite honestly, avoidable stressors. I can complain all I want about my horrible sunburn but, the fact is, I should have worn sunscreen. Practical Self-Care is fulfilling your to-do list. Not only your “walk the dog, take out the trash, fold the laundry” to-do list but also your “create and stick to a budget, go back to school, fix your credit score” to-do list. Honestly, I find practical self-care to be the most annoying of the six categories. It’s usually stuff I don’t feel like doing (paying bills, cleaning my bathroom, fighting the urge watch another episode) but practical self-care is all about the pay off and not having to face the consequences of shirking your own responsibilities. Besides, there’s something extremely rewarding about productivity and the affects it has on our pride in ourselves.

~Being on time to work

~Building a budget

~Changing the toilet paper roll

~Cleaning your home

~Filling your gas tank

~Finishing your homework

~Fixing your credit score

~Folding/putting away the laundry

~Getting your oil changed on time

~Going back to school

~Maintaining financial awareness

~Organizing a room

~Paying off debt

~Showing up for yourself

~Taking out the trash

~Walking the dog

Feel free to share your own practical self-care ideas in the comments below!

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