Social Self-care Cheat Sheet

Social Self-Care: Tackling your social anxieties with some exposure therapy and fulfilling your need for human contact and interaction.

Oh, look, it’s the reason everyone is floundering right now. Of the six, Social self-care may be taking the biggest hit in 2020. Even if you are introverted, independent, and antisocial, social self-care is important. For some, it’s very difficult to engage in social situations. Social self-care is not forcing yourself to go to a rave. It’s about nurturing your relationship with mankind. It’s impossible to go through life without interacting with other human beings. Our social comfort levels are highly contingent on our social skills which means it is important to hone those. Everyone reading this has canceled plans before and felt the sunny glow of excitement knowing that they didn’t have to leave their house that day. I totally get it and I’m not against it. I’m only against it happening all the time. My therapist is big on defining a valuable work to play ratio. Therefore, I am big on creating a nice 50/50 balance for myself. Even in quarantine and the world of social distancing, I urge you to tackle your video chatting fears (It’s okay. No one looks cute two inches away from a camera. Just do it.) and remain social. FaceTime a friend, take a class on Zoom, check if anyone is still using Skype (let me know. I’m curious). When your world is safe again, let yourself enjoy in-person social interactions as well.

~Calling your sister

~Family dinner

~Going on a date

~Group workout classes

~Happy hour with your coworkers

~Learning to say “no” to people

~Playing in or attending a sporting event

~Reconnecting with someone

~Shopping with your pals

~Social media upkeep

Feel free to share your own social self-care ideas in the comments below!

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