Spiritual Self-care Cheat Sheet

Spiritual Self-care: Nourishing your energy and opening your mind.

Spiritual self-care is engaging on a path to oneness. It’s more sensory than the other six. You don’t need to live and die by your daily horoscope in order to nurture your spiritual side. You just need to believe in yourself and your capabilities even slightly. As long as a small part of you can access pride in yourself, you can say daily affirmations in the mirror until you start to believe them and even value that new habit. I love mindfulness with all my heart. Mindfulness is the big slow down that allows us to have complete self awareness. Add ten minutes of mindfulness to your day. Go for a drive without the radio on. Just focus on the one task of driving. Or, wash the dishes without the TV playing in the background. Feel the water on your hands as you complete that task and just experience one thing at a time. So many of us live lives of multitasking. Being able to focus on one thing at a time is an exceptional and rare skill. Go be exceptional and rare.


~Bird watching/feeding

~Burning candles

~Donating to a cause you feel connected to

~Essential oils





~Nature Walks




Feel free to add your own spiritual self-care ideas in the comments below!

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